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Shellegance Monotone Abstract Shells - Satin Slip Skirt

Shellegance Monotone Abstract Shells - Satin Slip Skirt

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This versatile skirt is a season must-have. Stretch waist for comfort but Armani satin fabric base for the glamour. Pair with any of our Lucie De Moyencourt tops for a chic, versatile outfit. 

This whimsical limited edition collaboration with South African artist Lucie De Moyencourt is an ode to a carefree and joyous lifestyle. It is a license to indulge all your mermaid, shell collecting fantasies but in a fresh and elegant, even adult way.  


 Fits true to size ( size up for a relaxed fit )

• Classic button up shirt

• tailored collar & cuffs 

• Shell button detail

Fabric + Care Instructions 

Hand wash in cold water, dry flat and in the shade.  

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