Colour Awakening

Colour Awakening
With South Africa as the key inspiration behind BeachCult’s newest summer 23 collection you can expect warm and rich earth tones like terracotta and cocoa, cool ocean seaside colors like ocean blue, emerald green and sand, alongside a variety of prints inspired by the diverse animals, plants and landscapes that make up this beautiful country.

Our artist collaboration for the year see’s us work with wallpaper designer Cara Saven on a botanical print featuring plants and animals endemic to the Cape region of Southern Africa. Full of charm and glamour, the collection evokes a garden of eden paradise and lifts the mood with bright colors to bring elegance and joy.

Although this collection adopts BeachCult’s favorite shapes like the Ibiza dress and Havanna bikini, it also brings new favorite silhouettes such as the Apollo kimono paired with matching slim leg palazzo trousers, and the
Venus dress.

Mieke Jansen
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