BeachCult's Muse of the Week: Shiela Ho

BeachCult's Muse of the Week: Shiela Ho
Shiela is a 33 year old, half asian from Germany and is now living in South Africa.
She has a background in tax and accounting but gave it up to follow her dreams and to travel the world.
After meeting her husband in Cape Town, she moved to the mother city and calls it her home.
Meanwhile she is blessed with two wonderful children.
Next to modelling and collaborations on Social Media she started a Café (Art & Soul Café) 9 month ago in Woodstock in her husbands Gallery
D-Core Art&Soul Design.
Shiela loves to prepare delicious healthy foods and a selection of baked treats are available there Monday-Friday.
They also have a big selection on vegan, vegetarian meals and bakes so definitely go and check it out!

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