BeachCult's Muse of the Week :Katherina Oberlerchner

BeachCult's Muse of the Week :Katherina Oberlerchner


Katherina originates from the Kitzbühel alps in Austria. In 2010, after finishing her bachelor studies in the field of media
and communication at the University of Vienna, she moved to Cape Town, South
The mother city became quickly her home. Katherina says it is easy to fall in love with the mountain, sea and people.
After working in different fields of the fashion industry for several years, she
branched out her skills set to the property market. Loving aesthetic designs,
working and helping people it felt like the change she needed in her professional
Besides helping people finding their perfect home she also helps her clients to
declutter their wardrobes and homes. Katherina says moving is easier when there
is less stuff, decluttering has several emotional and psychological benefits, resulting in reducing anxiety and feeling empowered.


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