BeachCult's Muse of the Week: Katelyn Barkhuizen

BeachCult's Muse of the Week: Katelyn Barkhuizen


Katelyn first modelled for BeachCult at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johanesburg in 2017 and has been a BeachCult convert and muse ever since. She has since walked the runway twice and done 3 BeachCult shoots and we absolutely love her zest for life, sunny disposition, and commitment to life in a bikini!


Traveling the world in bikinis is her ultimate passion which is financially supported by her part time modeling and full time fashion design. Katelyn enjoys sharing her adventures through her Instagram stories and YouTube channel where she hopes to encourage others to take the best of her experiences. Katelyn is 23 years old and self employed which allows her the flexibility to travel and enjoy her passion. Katelyn says working with BeachCult has been a privilege, she has enjoyed seeing the brand grow from strength to strength and she is a huge fan of encouraging buying and supporting the local industry, especially when the standard and quality is of international standard.


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Caitlyn Bramwell
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