BeachCult Muse of the week: Daisy May

BeachCult Muse of the week: Daisy May


Daisy May has this life thing sewn up. The Paarl-born fashion maven grew up in Somerset West wondering: just how much you can wring from the world? 
So she put it to the test.

Teaching English in Bangkok, working in real estate in London’s fabled Notting Hill. Co-founding a successful retail chain with her father. Descending on Antarctica at the helm of an icebreaker was only the start of her life’s adventures.

Now having travelling to over 29 countries she has come back to an old flame: fashion. Daisy was exposed to the sartorial world, having started acting and modelling when she was young. She soon found she had as much of a flair for the goings-on behind the camera as she did for being in front of it. Realising she had a wealth of ideas that nobody else was capturing, she started putting together photo shoots and gathering the experience required to be a creative director.

It wasn’t long till Real Life Styled was born. A platform where fashion, décor and lifestyle could come together. Connection driven with heart and a pulse. Relatable and aimed at everyone who wants to be the best version of themselves. Bringing real life to life because let’s be honest we are all tried of the over photoshopped fake trends we’re all constantly being fed. Let’s go to places and share real experiences with the world. It’s Real Life Styled, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Daisy's Favourite BeachCult Products: 

Pandora - Mustard Karoo  

Alexa Monokini - Red Coral 

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