A Bali trip - Katelyn Barkhuizen

A Bali trip - Katelyn Barkhuizen
Traveling the world in Bikini's being Katelyn's passion, she embarked on an adventure to Bali, this being the second time that she had visited the sheer natural beauty known as the land of the God's.
She went on the journey with her mom who takes most of her pictures. She went on to describe her trip, " The first thing on my list was to explore Seminyak properly with all its stores from the flea market vibe to the little boutiques. Always remember to negotiate at the stores but be realistic, they still need to earn a living."
"We spent one night in Uluwatu which boasts some of the best beaches in Bali, it also boasts great restaurants and stunning boutiques"
" Our next destination was a tick on my bucket list, this was to explore Nusa Penida and especially descending and ascending Kling King, the infamous insta pic. This was a remarkable challenge I'm glad to say I conquered . We enjoyed a tranquil night in a beautiful hotel called Penida Bamboo Green after a very grueling day of many stairs and rock climbing in slip slops."
" Our next destination included the Gili Islands where I have to say lies the true beauty on Indonesia. We spent two nights on Gili Air in the most beautiful hotel called The Koho Air Hotel which had a Grecian feel to it, the food and ambiance of the island was one to behold, I absolutely loved this island, small enough to walk around after a heavy lunch, however I wouldn't advise riding around the island as it is mostly made of beach sand which is not ideal when riding a bike so we mostly pushed our bikes around the island in extreme heat, however we did manage some laughs along the way."
"Gili T or Gili Trawangan is known as the party Island, not that I got to experience that side because I was utterly exhausted after snorkeling and diving with the turtles and other marine life. The hotel, Ponte Villas we stayed at was absolutely stunning and so hospitable, it was always a pleasure to return to and enjoy its beautiful pool setting. Now this island you can definitely enjoy a ride around as it is larger than Gili Air and mostly paved which makes cycling a lot easier."
" Our final destination before leaving for home was Ubud, there is definitely something magical about this place, I'm not sure if it's the laid back setting or the spiritual nature of the people or possibly both. I would have to say that the highlight of my holiday would have to be the journey up Campuhan Ridge Walk. It didn't start off well as a last minute decision at 5:30 in the morning to hike Campuhan Ridge Walk Ubud, However it ended in an epic moment where I felt an incredible spiritual presence which I could possibly say was a pivotal point in my life. It wasn't the most beautiful mountain, nor the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen, however I felt a wave of emotion which left me teary eyed and questioning our existence as humans of destruction on this beautiful planet we call earth. I later found out that this mountain has a very high spiritual frequency and definitely a must do when in Ubud."
" We shopped until we literally dropped, we ate like kings and drank like paupers ( alcohol is very expensive) all in all we had an absolutely wonderful, soul searching, boundary pushing, mom and daughter bonding holiday I could ever have asked for."
Katelyn shot an amazing selection of pictures from our collection showcasing a variety of our costumes showing their true potential.
" In summary I have to say: The accommodation we booked through Bookings.com was very affordable and on point, there was not one bad hotel or experience, buy at least 8GB of data and a SIM card (it's very affordable), the food is magnificent and affordable but for me it's about the people and the culture, I have never come across such a beautiful and humble nation and I guess a lot would have to do with our driver Guss, he is such a beautiful ambassador for Bali and really exhibited what their culture and beliefs entail. If you ever visit Bali I would really encourage you to use him, he really made our trip memorable."
Driver: Guss +62 82 236 804 560
Accommodation all booked through Booking.com
Seminyak: Lloyd's Inn Bali
Uluwatu: Hideaway Villa's Bali
Nusa Penida: Penida Babu green
Gili Air: The Koho Air Hotle
Gili T: Ponte Villa's
Ubud: Artotel Hamiman and Padma Resort


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